The Importance of Shaking Your Lash Adhesive Bottle

The Importance of Shaking Your Lash Adhesive Bottle

Some things are better shaken, for example, martinis, popcorn in a bag, and your eyelash adhesive.  Your eyelash adhesive is composed of many ingredients that rely on each other to perform perfectly.  For this reason, the ingredients need to be mixed together well.  When left alone, the chemicals in your adhesive will separate, with the heavier molecules making their way to the bottom of the bottle and the lighter ones floating to the top.  Shaking the bottle well before each use creates a perfect balance for all the chemicals to complement each other and perform at their best in each drop.  If you were to pour a drop of adhesive out that wasn’t shaken, it would be extremely concentrated and could cause your client’s eyes to become irritated.


It is best to mix the adhesive when it is at room temperature.  If you store your bottle in the freezer, the chemicals are more solidified when cold, making it harder to mix because they resist movement.  Once you take a bottle out of the freezer it is best to let it reach room temperature by just sitting out.  Never heat your adhesive as this can disrupt the integrity of the adhesive and affect the retention.


After thoroughly shaking the adhesive, it is best to just use one drop at a time on your jade stone or crystal plate.  Moisture starts the curing process, and only using one drop at a time will help your adhesive stay fresh longer.  I always recommend shaking the bottle before dispensing a fresh drop.


Next time you reach for your adhesive bottle, shake shake shake!