Summer + Lashes

Summer + Lashes

Summer means longer days to bask in the sun, enjoy time by the beach, in the pool, or just be outdoors.  We all know the importance of keeping our skin happy and healthy during the warmer months, (sunscreen, drinking more water, and wearing hats), but it’s also important to give your lashes some extra TLC.  During the summer months, your clients will be more prone to activities that can result in poor lash retention if they don’t properly care for them.  Here are six tips you can give your clients to make sure their favorite accessory stays perfect:


  1. Sunscreen – Sunscreen is an absolute must, especially during the summer.  When applying sunscreen, make sure to avoid the eye area and lashes as some brands have ingredients that can wreck havoc on your lashes and cause poor retention.
  2. Keep Sweat Off Your Lashes – Sweat contains salt deposits and natural oils and when left on your lashes, it can cause a crusty buildup (yuck!).  Whether you’re playing beach volleyball, or going for a hike, it’s helpful to wear a headband or some sort of towel to keep the sweat from dripping in your eyes.  Rinsing lashes after activities is a big help!
  3. Avoid Extreme Heat – BBQ’s and bonfires are two of my fav summer activities.  Protect those beautiful lashes by being aware when around intense heat.  Extreme temperatures can singe your lashes, so whether you’re opening an oven door, or getting cozy by a fire, be cautious to not get too close.
  4. Rinse Lashes After Swimming – Chlorine and salt water can affect how long your lashes stay looking beautiful.  We highly recommend rinsing your lashes with fresh water after any swimming, be in the pool or ocean.  As always, pat dry, don’t rub, the lash line to remove any excess water, and then brush through with a mascara wand.
  5. Remove Makeup & Wash Lashes – This applies year ‘round: it is so important to keep your lashes clean.  Using an oil free makeup remover to remove eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc is a must.  Cleansing your lashes with EVRLY Opal foaming lash wash will remove any dust, oils, buildup from makeup, or salt deposits from sweat or tears.  Clean lashes will prevent premature lash shedding and keep that retention strong.
  6. Maintain Regular Fills – Summer is the perfect time for traveling.  Keep your clients on schedule whether they are the ones taking off for a trip or if you are taking a few days for R&R.  They’ll appreciate having an appointment pre-booked and avoiding a wait-list!


Lashes make summer beauty effortless but it’s important to follow the above tips to keep your lashes healthy and camera ready : )