2018 Emmys Best Natural Lash Beauty Looks

2018 Emmys Best Natural Lash Beauty Looks

With the 2018 Emmys just behind us, it is always fun to look over the fashion and beauty blogs to see what rocked the red carpet and what will be trending in Hollywood.  These A-list events inspire the masses for ways to update their wardrobe, beauty cabinets, and even their lash-game.

I’m sure we’ve all had clients come in with a recent picture of Kylie Jenner demanding her look!   Fun sparkly eyeshadows and liners graced the carpet, a la Issa Rae and Scarlett Johansson, as well as bold lips like Rachel Brosnahan and Jessica Biel.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of stars opted for a natural glam with subdued lips and monochromatic colors.

What Lash Trends Are To Come?

If this is any indication of what is to come to the lash world, we may be moving away from the dramatic dark lash lines and into a natural and soft glam… or not, (girls loooove drama when it comes to lashes)! In any case, my recommendation is to go with what is most flattering for you and not what is trending, but it doesn’t hurt to know how to create a natural lash set as this is the foundation for all sets.


The first thing to know when creating a natural shape is to follow your clients natural lash pattern…Depending on exactly how natural a client wants their lashes to be will determine the curl you choose. Here is how to choose the right curl for eyelash extensions.

  • D curl and some of the other curly lashes are not the most natural looking as we use those curls when we want to provide a lift or pop to the eye.
  • B and C curls work well for natural sets since they aren’t too dramatic. This is not to say that you can’t create a natural look using other curls but its best to stick with the basics if you are learning to master the natural look.

Choosing a natural looking diameter would be a .15mm thickness or smaller.  Again, depending on how natural your client wants her lashes, .15mm is a good starting place and then you can work up or down from there.  Choosing a natural length should be easy.

Just pay attention to how long your client’s lashes are and follow the pattern.  Natural lashes are shorter on the inner and outer corners and gradually gets longer as you come towards the brow bone, (similar to a crescent shape).  It is also worth noting that natural lashes are not the same length.  Staggering different lengths across the lash line creates a more authentic and “natural” look.  As a frame of reference natural lengths will probably be from 6mm to 12mm in length.

Last but not least, color. Most of the sets we do as lash artists and professionals are with black lashes, and sometimes we’ll get adventurous clients who want blue or purple. Other times we may get clients who think black is too bold so it’s nice to have another option to soften the look. That is where brown lashes come in. Used alone or blended together, brown lashes look natural and can create lo-lights and highlights.

You can even mix brown lashes in with black ones to create a softer look without going tooooo natural.

We have the perfect brown palette that includes three shades of brown lashes. A rich dark brown, a medium brown with a hint of Auburn, and a lighter, caramel brown. Having this tray in your arsenal is a must and is sure to impress those clients who are looking for the most natural extensions!

I’ve given you the basics to consider when creating a natural eye. There are variations that you can play with as a lash artist that would still look natural but won’t seem boring. Cat eyes can be subdued and flattering on some eye shapes, as can a bit of a longer and darker lash line. That is the beauty of being an artist. You get to create your own masterpiece! Follow us on Instagram (@evrly.beauty), and tag us in pics so we can check out your awesome work!