How to build and retain your lash extension clientele

How to build and retain your lash extension clientele

Getting new clients is great but keeping them is better!  Eyelash extensions is a service that needs to be maintained regularly and having a successful lash business depends on your client’s loyalty to YOU.  Clients who are happy with your work will be your most effective advertisement, (and FREE), so how do you keep your clients happy and keep them coming back for years?  It all comes down to customer service and appreciation of your clients.  Here are some helpful tips to implement in your lash business.


1. A clean and welcoming environment.
  • First impressions are everything!  When a client walks through the door, you want to appeal to their senses.  Playing calming and soothing music.  Have an essential oil diffuser with a relaxing scent that isn’t overbearing.  A friendly face and tone is also essential.  No one likes walking into an establishment that is snooty or off-putting.  Having refreshments such as light snacks, beverages and magazines to read are good add-ons as well.  That way they have something to do if they need to wait.
  • Make sure your space is clean.  From your room, to the bathroom…anywhere a client may go should be organized and kept spotless.  It helps to have a cozy bed with a blanket or two to get cozy in, or even a bed warmer for the winter months.  The main thing is for them to be comfortable and relaxed
2. Answer their questions
  • Client will have lots of questions.  Take the time to thoroughly answer them so they feel confident trusting you with their eyes
  • Be available to answer questions that may pop up after they have left.
  • Read here on how to answer some of your client's frequently asked questions
3. Adapt to your client’s energy
  • Always be respectful, professional and kind.  Some clients may come in and not want to talk – let them relax and take a nap.  Some may want to be super chatty and tell you their life story during the service, that’s great too.  
  • It is vital to pick up on ques of what type of experience they want.  It may not be the same thing each time they come in which is why it is important to adapt.
4. Maintain client expectations and keep them well informed
  • If it is your client’s first time getting lashes, have a thorough consultation so you can go over how to maintain the lashes as well as things they can expect to happen, such as lashes shedding. Giving them a handout they can take home and reference is recommended.  
  • Some clients come in wanting a look that just isn’t possible with the lashes they have, or they don’t want to upgrade to volume lashes to achieve their desired look.  Be honest with them and let them know your professional opinion and the options they have.  It is much easier to manage their expectations before getting started instead of dealing with a disappointed or angry client after.
  • Send your clients home with the necessities.  A spoolie to brush their lashes – check! Recommendations for lash cleansers – check check!
5. Build a relationship by getting to know your client
  • Being professional and friendly will go a long way.  Respect time by not running behind.  Everyone is busy, so respecting the time they set aside for you should be a priority.
  • Why is your client getting her lashes done?  Does she have a special event or is she just looking to cut down her makeup routine.  This will give you an idea on tips to pass along to maintain her lashes.
  • When chatting with your clients remember things you talked about, make notes in a file if needed, so when they return you can follow up on what you spoke about, (“how was that trip to Hawaii?”, “Did your son pass his driving test?”).  This will let your client know you listen and care about what they have to say. 
  • Allow your clients to get to know you as well.  I have clients who have been with me from 2010 and have seen me grow professionally and personally.  You don’t want to burden your clients with your problems, but it’s ok to share things about yourself to build a connection and bond.  This goes a long way in creating loyalty.
6. Go above and beyond
  • You don’t want to breed an environment where clients take advantage of you but offering flexibility to accommodate them will encourage them to return because they will feel like you truly care. Did a client have abnormal fall out after a vacation or some other reason?  Offer for them to come in for a complimentary touch up to get their lashes back to being full. If the same client always returns with the same issue, you may need to discuss how they can better care for them.
  • Being flexible with your working hours to accommodate clients is another way to go above and beyond.  Coming in early or staying a bit later to help your client out will be much appreciated by them.
  • Hold yourself to the same policies you hold them accountable for.  If you charge 50% of the service price if they cancel with less than 24 hour’s notice, give them a 50% discount for the inconvenience if you have an emergency and need to reschedule them last minute.  Avoid rescheduling clients often as this can get annoying and be unprofessional, but in the instance of an emergency, they will appreciate you discounting their service.

7. Cultivate a culture of trust and transparency

  •  Trust is the cornerstone of any client-oriented business. From the very first interaction, make sure to foster a relationship built on honesty, openness, and reliability. Let them know that their satisfaction is your primary objective. If a client is unsure or nervous about the procedure, take the time to explain it to them in detail, making sure to answer any questions they may have.
  •  Transparency about your services, charges, and policies is another key factor. Provide clear, understandable breakdowns of what each service includes and what it costs. No one appreciates hidden costs or surprises when it comes to payment. If a client has an issue with any aspect of your service, address it professionally and promptly, showing them that their concerns are valid and you're committed to resolving it. Remember, a business thrives on repeat customers, and a customer who feels valued and heard is likely to return and recommend your services to others."


People may not remember what you did but they will remember how you made them feel.  Take care of your clients, make them feel appreciated and well take care of and not only will they return, they will refer you to their friends and you will watch your business grow!