How to choose the best lash extension glue for you

How to choose the best lash extension glue for you

If you are new to lashing, you may feel overwhelmed with all the different options and opinions you’re bombarded with.  If you’re a vet in the business, you may be wondering if you should try a different glue or keep different adhesives in your arsenal for different clients.  We’re here to help break down the main things to look for to determine which eyelash glue is the best for you.


Speed: when you are first learning how to apply lashes, you won’t be as speedy as someone who has been lashing for years. For this reason, you need an adhesive that allows you the flexibility to correct lash placement, or just give you a few extra seconds to get in the swing of things.  For these reasons you will want an adhesive with a longer drying time.  I recommend our EVRLY JADE ADHESIVE  to beginners or those who prefer a few extra seconds to work with.  As you get faster or more experienced you may want your lash adhesive to catch up with you and our EVRLY ONYX ADHESIVE  would be the next notch up in speed, followed by EVRLY AMETHYST which has an almost instant curing time.  All of these adhesives can be used for both classic and volume lashes, depending on your preference and/or speed.


Climate: When looking at lash adhesives you will see an optimal range of temperature and humidity.  This is important to pay attention to as the performance of your adhesive relies on these environmental factors.  If you live in a place with higher humidity, this will cause your adhesive drops to cure more quickly.  If you live in places with dryer climates, you may notice that it takes the adhesive a tad longer to cure.  You can purchase humidifiers or de-humidifiers for your lash space to get the humidity juuust right or you can choose an adhesive that you like and just make a mental note that if the bottle says it dries in 3-5 seconds, like our Jade Adhesive, it may be more like 1-3 for your specific space.


Sensitivity: Every lash artist should have a sensitive adhesive in their arsenal.  Some clients can be sensitive to the fumes, or just prefer a gentler glue.  We offer 1 in our product line; EVRLY EMERALD.  Sensitive adhesives are meant to minimize irritation, but not eliminate it, and typically don’t have as long of retention as the stronger adhesives.  That is generally the trade off, as the ingredients that give a glue stronger retention, are the ingredients which may cause irritation to some clients. It is important to let your clients know this when working with sensitive adhesive to manage their expectations.


Retention: “How long will my lashes last,” is a frequently asked question from clients.  Having an adhesive that delivers great retention is a must in your business and could be a deal breaker if it’s not delivering the desired results for your clientele.  Clients generally don’t want to return weekly for a fill.  The right adhesive paired with the right technique and placement will have your clients loving that they can go longer in between fills.  Please note that retention can vary depending on how well the lashes are applied, how fast a client’s lashes grow and how well they maintain them.


Preference: At the end of the day only you can decide which factors are most important to you.  Maybe you like a thinner silkier adhesive over one with a thicker viscosity, or you prefer to have a few extra seconds to make adjustments even though you could work faster.  This is why we have a selection of 5 different adhesives.  Each with its own unique properties to fit your unique style.


Happy Lashing!


The EVRLY Team