EVRLY Topaz Lash Extension Primer 40ml.


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EVRLY Topaz prepares your client’s natural lashes for the application of new eyelash extensions. Our priming spray removes excess protein, makeup, salt deposits, dirt and oil from the lashes that can cause a weak bond when using professional eyelash extension glue. Removing residual debris will prime the natural lash so you get the strongest bond when applying extensions. Infinit’s superior formula preps the lashes, creating an idea surface to bond extensions, decreases the adhesive curing time, and resulting in longer lasting retention!

Increase eyelash extension glue retention
Effectively removes eye make-up and debris on the natural lash
Aids in overall preparation for eyelash extensions
Comes in a ready to use spray pump
Large 40ml bottle offers more value


This product may cause eye irritation or burning if eyes are not fully closed during cleansing process. Do not use this product for self application.


Client’s eyes should be securely closed before applying primer. Hold flat cotton pad or makeup sponge under lashes to catch extra solution. Spritz the primer onto disposable microfiber brushes, or flocked tip applicators, then use brushes to gently cleanse the lashes moving from the base of the lashes to the tip. Continue until the micro swabs have no trace of oil or debris, ensuring all of the residue has been diminished by the lash extension primer. Make sure lashes are completely dry before applying professional eyelash extension adhesive and extensions.

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