EVRLY Sapphire Adhesive 5ml


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EVRLY Sapphire Adhesive for Eyelash Extensions 5ml.

EVRLY Sapphire premium black adhesive is made for professionals only and is recommended for advanced lash artists, offering the fastest drying time of 0.5-1 second, long lasting adhesion, safety, and flexibility. This product is recommended for use on all consumers, especially for those who wish to extend the longevity of their eyelash extensions.

πŸ‘‘ THE LEADING EYELASH EXTENSION GLUE – EVRLY Sapphire eyelash extension adhesive boasts a new extra strength formula that allows it to hold individual lash extensions in place for up to 8 weeks, the retention of this eyelash glue is unmatched. Designed for expert lash artists, this lash glue will create an elite quality service for your clients and allow them to enjoy their lash extensions much longer.

⚑ LIGHTNING FAST DRY TIME & LOW VISCOSITY – With a record drying time of just 1 second, you will be able to service your customers much faster and more efficiently. Volume eyelash extensions require a quick drying eyelash extension adhesive to maintain consistency in your volume fans. This versatile lash extension glue is best used for volume eyelashes but can also be used for classic lashes. The low viscosity ensures that the eyelash glue will remain clump free for a flawless application.

πŸ’§ WATER RESISTANT & BEAUTIFUL BLACK COLOR – EVRLY Sapphire eyelash extensions glue will dry deep black in color, making it almost undetectable once applied to the natural lash. This will leave your client in awe of your amazing work. The aftercare of lash extensions is very important so we made sure that this eyelash adhesive can withstand the weather and daily encounters of moisture and water. You don’t have to worry about the lashes coming off in the shower or while swimming on vacation.

πŸ’™ SAFE & CERTIFIED BY LASH ARTISTS – All EVRLY eyelash extension glues do not contain latex or formaldehyde, you can be confident as a professional using this product on your clients. We ensure the highest quality ingredients have been tested and approved by lash artists all over the world. EVRLY Sapphire is made using the same ingredients found in medical grade adhesive which provides the quality and reliability you are looking for in a professional lash glue.

How to use: This adhesive is extremely strong. Isolate natural lash before picking up or dipping extension. Once isolated, dip extension 2-3mm (classic lashing), or 1-2mm (volume lashing), and bring right to the natural lash. For Volume applications, do not paint the natural lash with the adhesive. Simply press this adhesive to the natural lash base and hold for one second. For classic lash applications, paint the lash with the adhesive then slide the extension to the lash base for an evenly bonded application from the shaft to the tip. Use in a well ventilated area.

Storage: If you are not planning on using this adhesive right away, any unopened bottles can be stored in the freezer to extend shelf life up to 12 months. Once ready to use, bring out of the freezer into room temperature for a minimum of 4 hours before opening. Once opened, keep adhesive in a cool, dry place between use. Recommended to store with a silica pack in an air tight container overnight to control moisture. Keep out of reach from children
*Formaldehyde Is Not An Added Ingredient

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