EVRLY Aquamarine Gel Remover 15ml.


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EVRLY Eyelash Extension Removal Gel should be handled by professionals only, and requires very minimal application.

Apply at the base of the lashes (about .10mm away from the lash line over the extensions), and let sit for about 60 seconds. Be sure not to make any contact with the eyes with the gel solvent, advise your clients to keep their eyes fully closed during the removal process. If contact does occur, rinse with saline or water right away.

Use paper tape or gel pads under the eye to ensure no remover interaction with the eye area. Put a small amount of remover onto a flocked tip applicator, Q-Tip, or micro swab, and lightly brush away from the eyelid until lashes begin to peel. When finished, it is extremely important to make sure all gel is removed from the eye area and rinse well before instructing the client to open.

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